OHRE Pharma pharmaceuticals

OHRE Pharma is a french pharmaceutical company specializing in the marketing of generic drugs at the hospital.

At OHRE Pharma, the hospital world is our expertise. Hospitals and clinics are in constant need of quality generic drugs:

  • drugs more suited to the practices of hospital pharmacists
  • avec des innovations d’usage
  • and reliable supplies

This is why our mission is to improve each of our medicines to give them:

  • the best formulation
  • the best dosage
  • the most suitable dosage form

Concerned about the well-being of patients and the observance of their treatments, each year, OHRE Pharma company invests in Research and Development projects

OHRE Pharma currently holds 28 marketing authorizations in different therapeutic classes.

Each OHRE Pharma frud is manufacture exclusively in Europe, with all the requirements needed to deliver quality drugs to hospitals.

We are also working to facilitate the use of our medicines in hospitals thanks to a color code by product and by dosage to avoid any risk of misuse and thanks to unit packaging.

Our ambition is to facilitate access to innovation by offering accessible medicines for all patients, for optimal optimization of hospital economic resources.