OHRE Pharma drugs

In compliance with art L.5121-1-3 of French Public Health Code, please find hereunder the list of medicinal product for which OHRE Pharma is responsable for placing on the market :

For more information concerning our drugs, you can click to the following link: French medicinal product data base.

As part of our Risk Management Plan, for some of our drugs, OHRE Pharma laboratory provide additional risk minimization brochures (validated by the French National  Medicines Agency) to patients and healthcare professionals:

For Ambrisentan OHRE Pharma:

  • patient brochure to provide to patient before the first prescription of the drug.

For Bosentan OHRE Pharma:

For Lenalidomide OHRE Pharma:

An information kit for prescribers and pharmacists containing:

For Micafungin OHRE Pharma:

  • Check list to provide to doctors before the first prescription of the drug.

For Voriconazole OHRE Pharma:

  • Patient brochure focusing on the most important information in order to guarantee voriconazole safe use
    • To see or download this booklet follow this link.
  • Healthcare professional brochure with questions /answers and chek-list.
    • To see and download the HCP brochure, click on this link.
    • To see and download the checklist, click on this link.

Last update realized in April 2022.