Our Medicinal products

OHRE Pharma pharmaceuticals make available to French hospital centres quality medicinal products  meeting hospital practitioner needs.

In order to comply with current standards and guarantee to patients the best manufacturing quality, OHRE Pharma medicinal products are manufactured in Europe.




OHRE Pharma are specialised in injectable and tablet dosage forms.

The main characteristics of our medicinal products are :


·       Color Highlight of the strength to focus on visibility

A hospital unit-pack pagaking for tablets with pre-cut blister

·         One color code by therapeutic group

·         Data matrix

Our mains medications characteristics:





OHRE Pharma  mostly target the following therapeutic groups:

·         Antibiotics

·         Antifungals

·         Antihypertensives

·         Antineoplastics

Follow this link to get OHRE PHARMA medicinal product portofolio: OHRE Pharma Medicinal products.